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Guess Who - The opening song that introduces the audience to the world of Game On!

Twister - A song where Marcus reveals to Quinn his increasing anxiety about being abandoned again.

Trivial Pursuit - Rachel and Kendall have a falling out after Rachel chastises Kendall for not taking school seriously enough.

Picture This - Quinn, Marcus, and Rachel air their problems while playing a popular drawing game.

Trouble - The bible study group plots a boycott after learning about the toy store owners’ relationship.

Boggle - Sam and Chris ruminate about having to always endure intolerance.

Life - Quinn has a building argument with her parents culminating in a true mic drop moment.

Candy Land - Quinn wonders how everything got so complicated so quickly.

Perfection - Rachel, Sam, and Chris reflect on the ways they grasp at the ever unattainable idea of perfection.

Sorry - Lily pours her heart out in an attempt to make amends.

Risk - The bible study group ramps up to a full scale protest.

Clue - Alex feels confused about her friendship with Quinn.

Connect the Dots - Marcus, Quinn, Rachel, Kendall, Max, and Alex formulate a plan for a counter protest

Game On! - the kids get hyped up for their counter protest.

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